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The Iowa Commercial Real Estate Association welcomes professionals involved in all areas of commercial and industrial real estate in Iowa to consider membership with the association.

ICREA provides communication, networking, and business opportunities for all real estate-related professionals. Throughout the year, we provide forums to obtain continuing education credits and, in many cases, these events are free. Membership with ICREA allows you to participate in our extensive network of professionals, gain access to industry news, and enjoy unparalleled networking opportunities.

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Why Join ICREA

  • Networking

  • Gain industry insight on new developments happening in Iowa before it becomes public information

  • Pursue new channels of career and professional development

  • Continuing education and ethics training

  • New business opportunities

  • Stay informed and involved in commercial real estate advancement in political activity

  • Low annual dues

The Current Membership Directory Includes:

  • Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Brokers

  • Investors and Developers

  • Finance Officers and Bankers

  • Attorneys

  • Appraisers

  • Accountants

  • Service Providers

  • Economic Developers

  • Government Officials

  • Property Managers

Annual Dues

Annual dues are $85 per member.

ICREA provides its members with numerous activities throughout the year to advance their careers in the real estate industry. Our calendar contains all scheduled events for education, networking and marketing opportunities. Check back frequently; we have new events every month.

ICREA’s signature event is the annual Iowa Commercial Real Estate Expo, held in the Fall every year. Members of ICREA also gather each month for an informative Breakfast Meeting.

ICREA Membership Dues (1 Year): $85.00

ICREA Membership

  • 2024 Membership Renewal
    2024 Membership Renewal
  • Join ICREA - 2024 Membership
    Join ICREA - 2024 Membership
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